Discover the flavours of Sicily…


Galú, the Italian restaurant managed by Chef Niko Scimone, invites you to discover its Sicilian cuisine. Pasta, bread and desserts are entirely handmade in our own kitchen. A family-friendly atmosphere that welcomes you to taste fresh cheese, soups and main courses, including vegetarian options.


Some of our favourite


Caponata Siciliana

Sweet and sour Sicilian eggplant ratatouille, a cold dish with a mix of flavours. 7€


Carciofi alla piastra

Pan seared artichokes with basil pesto and pecorino romano, a delicate temptation 9€


Pollo al Marsala

Chicken Marsala served with meshed potatoes, delicately flavoured and filling . 14€


Cannolo siciliano

Crispy roll filled with delicious ricotta, vanilla, chocolate, Marsala wine and rose water, for romantic sinners. 5€



Pappardelle alla Norcia

Fresh homemade pasta with sausage, black truffle and cream sauce, marvellous and intens. 15€

Spaghetti al nero di sepia

Squid ink spaghetti with shrimp, garlic and cherry tomatoes, the perfect sea food for every season. 13€


Melanzane alla Parmigiana

Eggplant parmiana with tomatoes and partisan, the tradition of Italian grannies and moms. 13€ 



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About us

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Following his success in United States and on Canal Food Network, chef Niko has come back to Barcelona to open his own restaurant, specialised in Sicilian cuisine. It’s a both personal and family project. Its name Galú is a tribute to his two daughters: Gala and Lucia.

The pine

The Pine fruit symbolises the strength, immortality and divinity in many civilisations and if still connected to its tree, the fertility and the regenerating power contained in its seeds.

Every Sicilian home and store features a ceramic pine next to their entrance. These colourful pines symbolise warmth and hospitality, just what you find in Galú, together with exquisite Italian dishes.